Software and licenses

Software is a double-edged sword. Your company cannot do without it, but you also don’t want  to spend money on redundant subscriptions and licenses.

Descom A/S are experts in software and license management, and we can help your company find the right balance between needs and expenses. We work closely with both small and large businesses, and we know that finding a standard model is difficult and feel next to impossible.

You need a tailor-made solution that matches your business and Descom A/S can help you find it.

What is the best software and licensing solution?

All companies have unique needs that require detailed solutions to create maximum value. The right software is decisive for the company’s security, productivity, and innovative development opportunities. However, the wrong composition of software can inhibit the company from reaching its full potential, be very costly, and even pose a significant security risk.

Descom A/S believes in smart software and licensing solutions where your business should not have too much or too little. We work with the strongest software vendors on the market. This includes Adobe, Microsoft, SnagIT, Reflection, and others  who are all experts in developing dynamic and functional software. Descom A/S are experts in understanding the needs of companies – including yours. We are at the forefront of the latest technology and find a software match for your business that can be measured directly on the bottom line.

Save money on software and licenses

There is a lot of money to be saved if your company is in charge of purchasing and controlling licenses. It is not uncommon for a company to invest in software that does not add the desired value. Descom A/S can guide you through the software jungle because we understand what it means to be a buyer and user of software.

If your company does not have centralized purchasing of licenses, it can quickly become a costly affair. When you obtain your licenses through Descom A/S, you gain a comprehensive access point.. You get a quick overview of your licenses as well as support for your company’s software needs now and in the future.

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