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Printers and document management are more than ink and paper. It forms a significant part of the production flow, and is a complex system that must work across servers, operating systems, and devices. Descom A/S can help you find a proper management solution. All you have to worry about is pressing Ctrl-p and printing the document.

A typical print scenario

  • You press Ctrl-p.
  • A window pops up.
  • “Select Printer” says…. There are 17 different printers and you need to print in A3. Which printer do you choose?

Most likely you know this scenario or your newest employees  might. A company survey is likely to reveal that unnecessary time is spent navigating complicated printer solutions.

The clock is ticking when there are 10 employees waiting for a printer, which isn’t working again . But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not just when the physical printer moans and a bottleneck arises that you start losing money A printer that does not work is a measurable and clear example of a challenge here.

Descom A/S has many years of experience in installing and supporting printer solutions. We have observed yet another dimension of the challenges with the printer, and it is a resource gutter that drains both IT support and employee patience. The challenge most often lies in the general handling and setup of the printers. But there is a solution! Descom A/S can help put together a management solution that boosts production and eliminates unnecessary frustrations.

Save money and increase productivity

Descom A/S collaborates with the most talented specialists in the industry. We help your business save money and increase productivity by bringing together printing and document management into one unified solution. We call it thoughtful management.

Thoughtful management

Thoughtful management  is quite simple. When your company gets a Print Managed Service installed, the total cost is minimized. It’s value optimization.

Once the solution is installed, the company has a printer solution that works across all platforms and devices. The solution is well thought out and comes with a roadmap. This means that company employees do not have to go to IT support again and again to ask what the third-floor printer to the left of the coffee machine is called.

How your company gets thoughtful management

Contact Descom A/S and we will assess your current printer solution. Let experts from Descom A/S analyze your printing environment from start to finish and provide a roadmap for how your company can optimize the scanning and printing process.

At Descom A/S, we know that there is a lot of money to be saved by working proactively with all the processes that fall within document management. Let us help your business take advantage of these savings.

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