Project Description

Bech-Bruun law partner firm

Bech-Bruun, one of the country’s largest law firms, has a unique culture and a profile that is entirely its own. This supports Descom A / S with tailor-made solutions that benefit the law partner company, its employees and not least clients.

No task is too big or small

Since 2009, Descom A/S has been Bech-Bruun’s preferred IT supplier to their offices in Denmark. Whether it is a large supply of hardware or a small, unconventional cable to be delivered as soon as possible, the task is solved with high precision and seriousness. Stefan Winquist, IT Manager at Bech-Bruun states:

Descom excels at handling tasks of any size and with the same go-to courage, whether it’s a simple but rare cable, or an order of 500 computers.

Credibility put highest

At both Descom A/S and Bech-Bruun law partner company, a word is a word and it is followed by action. This is reflected in every relationship the companies have and is not least essential in a collaboration where Descom supports Bech-Bruun’s critical IT solutions.

“Bech-Bruun has used Descom as its primary IT supplier since 2009, which reflects the respectful cooperation we have. Stability, credibility and service are words that describe Descom and its employees.”