A breach of IT systems can have fatal consequences for your business. At Descom, we have many years of experience in IT security and complex IT systems. We work closely with small and large business, serving as a strategic partner in the composition of a well-thought-out IT strategy.

We are ready to provide professional help and prepare a concrete action plan. This applies both to when the damage has occurred or when you want help assessing your company’s IT security level.

We are always one step ahead of the latest IT strategies for the benefit and security of your business.

We help you implement intelligent security solutions that will secure your business for the future. For example, have you considered incorporating EDR and artificial intelligence into your company’s security plan? If not, feel free to reach out to one of our consultants.


IT security is dymanic and is much more than just software. We can help you with protection against sophisticated cyber attacks, for example, which is unfortunately a growing threat. When you work with us, we make sure to set up, adjust and customize security solutions to match your business needs.

Imagine the following scenario: Your entire enterprise IT system is being shut down by a ransomware. Panic very quickly sets in. Your company’s data is encrypted and no employees are able to do their jobs. The clock is ticking as the company loses money. Frustrations grow and catastrophic thinking begins.

Here, these essential questions will need to be answered:

  1. Will we ever get up and running again?
  2. Do we have a backup of all data?
  3. Who is responsible for our IT security?
  4. What do we do?

It is a scenario that you can hardly bear the thought of, but nevertheless it can quickly become a reality. It is not a question of whether it can happen, but when. Ensure that your business is be equipped to resist and ward off the worst threats today.

Before the damage happens

At Descom, data loss and profit are what we hear about most often when a company contacts us for urgent help. Have a non-committal talk with us before any damage occurs to your IT systems.

Our experts at Descom have a thorough knowledge of installing and operating complex IT systems with a strong focus on security.

We are ready to put together professional security solutions that match your company’s specific needs and requirements.

IT security is more than software and hardware

IT security is not just about hardware and software, but also about employees. Inefficient security can waste time and reduce focus if you’re constantly worried about safety concerns.

Get Descom onboard IT security and together we can develop your company’s professional security plan, for you and your employees.

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