IP Video surveillance

If your business is subjected to vandalism or suffers from repeated burglaries, then it’s time to take action. Robberies have financial consequences, but they can also create insecurity among the employees.

There is a solution and a number of measures that can prevent unpleasant situations for your business.

At Descom A/S, we can help your company stay at the forefront and work preventively against burglary and vandalism.

Descom A/S is known for advising on the best monitoring solutions that are also easy to install. Solutions that are preventative and secure imagery that can be used as evidence in the event of an accident.

Future-proofed with an IP video surveillance solution

You can easily connect the cameras directly to a server via data cables or as WiFi when choosing an IP based solution. It is also possible to have the recordings on a separate hard disk recorder or in the cloud which supports the IP solution. Descom’s solutions are assured well into the future.

Where is the company most vulnerable?

Before you continue reading, try asking yourself two questions: Where is your business most vulnerable? Where is the most important place to monitor?

For many companies, determining  how to monitor and predict the most significant threat is a challenge. Over the years, Descom A/S has advised and helped many small and large businesses  develop the right monitoring solution.

It is difficult to measure the effect of a preventive solution. That’s why we at Descom A/S measure on satisfied customers. Our satisfied customers are customers who have been given solutions where they are no longer exposed to burglaries and vandalism, and we have many of them.

Strategic locations and flexible digital cameras

Descom A/S helps you find camera equipment that matches your budget. We focus on your company’s need to be able to record in HD with or without sound, perform optical zoom and have an adjustable lens all set up via a simple management console.

We are one step ahead

Surveillance is not just about installing preventive cameras on corporate buildings. It’s all about predicting all kinds of security risks. Many companies overlook one of the most important locations of a camera. The server room!

The company is likely to focus on scanning for malware and other cyber attacks online and forgetting that the Achilles heel is in the hardware located in the server room. Why? Because it requires no more than a USB flash drive, which is physically inserted into the server, to remove sensitive information. Would your company have photos and evidence if such an incident occurs?

Når du arbejder sammen med Descom A/S, får du en leverandør, der tænker ud af boksen. Vi er altid et skridt foran og kan hjælpe dig med at udnytte de nyeste overvågningsteknologier.

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