Global deliveries

Descom A/S supplies IT equipment around the world. This means that we can always help your business with deliveries, whether your business is based in Asia, Europe, the US, or anywhere else.

Our team of talented employees work around the clock to ensure timely delivery of IT solutions to your business. Descom A/S has years of experience in cross-border process management, and are experts in logistics with a global focus.

There are many benefits of incorporating global deliveries into your procurement strategy. Many medium and large companies centralize the procurement of IT equipment from Descom A/S. This minimizes unnecessary delivery challenges and ensures high quality  equipment can be delivered worldwide.

Making it easy to expand

Whatever market your business plans to grow in, it is possible to put together a global IT strategy. This applies, among other things, to the IT supplies that the company must use at any location.

This means, for example, that the PC model used at the head office in Denmark is the same model that is supplied to the company’s second department in Taiwan.

At Descom A/S we offer preconfigured solutions. We can help expand your company’s IT solutions to new departments anywhere in the world.

Streamlining, productivity and security

Streamlining an IT setup can be a challenge if a company has cross-border activities. Take Descom A/S into the IT planning phase right now and hear how we can create security and increase productivity for your company.

Existing IT solutions

Descom A/S can deliver IT equipment used in your business and integrate it into other departments and locations around the world. Why not take advantage of the solutions that the company has already established? Your company does not have to invent new solutions. Descom A/S can provide the same IT equipment, saving your company money and time by utilizing an existing IT setup.

Contact Descom A / S and hear how we create the greatest possible value for your company with global deliveries.

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