Is your company ready to transform parts of or the entire company to a Cloud-based solution? Descom A/S can help your company put together the right Cloud strategy.

It may seem abstract to imagine a solution without the use of local servers. Descom A/S has found that the customers who switch from local servers to the Cloud are very excited about the development opportunities that open up.

Upgrading your servers requires change. An experienced supplier is therefore important. At Descom A/S, we have many years of experience in installation and consulting within all the traditional models such as client-server, peer-to-peer and fog computing.

We’re a bit nerdy, but that means you can sit back and focus on your business. Safely hand over the nerdy parts to Descom A/S. We find the answers and put together user-friendly solutions for your business. Solutions that come in a language that you and the company can understand.

The components of Cloud

When a company completely or partially switches to Cloud computing, there is a lot of value to be gained. A Cloud solution can help ensure that your business always has the latest technologies and online tools available. This requires a well thought-out Cloud strategy, where we jointly find the components that your business needs.

We look at the possibilities in:

  • SaaS, Software as a service
  • PaaS, Platform as a Service
  • IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service

Together we create a roadmap for how the company can implement a Cloud solution.

Does your company already have a Cloud solution?

If your company already has a Cloud solution, but would you like to expand an existing one or want to hear about all the benefits of coming up with a Cloud solution, contact Descom A/S today. We work with the best in the industry and are ready to give your company insight into the IT infrastructure of the future.

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