AV & Video Conference

Does your company get the best value from promotional and additional sales in digital signage and Hotel TV solutions?

Contact Descom A/S and let’s have a non-committal talk about how your company can leverage creating value with digital signage.

At Descom A/S, together with our certified partners, we have helped small and large businesses put together the right display solutions. Business needs vary, and there are no two cases that are exactly the same. Descom A/S takes this into account and tailors a specific solution for your business.

Does your company have a desire for point-of-sale marketing in malls or informational info screens in public institutions? No matter how your company wants to create value through the use of info screens, we have experts who can advise and guide you on the right solution.

Hotel TV

Should your hotel guests have an incredible TV experience while boosting your sales? A Hotel TV solution opens up brand new sales opportunities where guests can order services directly from the screen. Descom A/S guides you to a solution that is easy to install and configure, whether it is stand alone, an IP solution or the customer’s option for streaming. A Hotel TV can be pre-configured so that the hotel shows the guest sales material and relevant information about activities in the area. It creates the right value for the company and the guest.

Video conference

Descom A/S is experiencing an increase in demand for the installation of video conferencing equipment for conference rooms at medium and large companies. The company receives a monitor and a small audio box which is installed in the meeting room. This screen allows you to connect to a partner with a similar screen. Once the solution is installed, you can see and hear each other in real-time.

The equipment makes it easy to hold meetings with partners and colleagues around the world. It reduces unnecessary transport costs for both you and your partner.


A bad project can, at worst, send a wrong signal to a customer or partner, but it doesn’t have to. Even the most elaborate powerpoint presentation can be ruined by poor resolution on a worn canvas. A professional projector can do the opposite, it can create value, and we can help you find the right projector solution.

Complete solutions

Descom A / S are experts in seeing the unity of AV solutions to suit your company’s  needs. We have years of experience in assembling professional AV equipment for conference rooms and meeting rooms. Together we can create a ready-made solution where everything is accounted for. This includes:

  • Wireless transmission
  • Flexible project solutions
  • Good screen resolution
  • Appropriate projector canvas
  • Aesthetics

Descom A/S considers every detail and advises you on the right solution for your business.

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